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Saturday, January 29, 2022 IN PERSON at Fort Hunter
Community Sing 4:30 pm Evening Concert 7:30 pm

About This Event:

We're still on for Saturday! No weather-related cancellation is expected.

“The best musical discovery of the year... Windborne sets a new bar for folk harmony singing today”
—Brian O’Donovan, GBH Boston


“The best musical discovery of the year... Windborne sets a new bar for folk harmony singing today”
—Brian O’Donovan, GBH Boston

Windborne combines bold and innovative harmonies, styles from around the world, and a vocal blend that comes from longtime friendship and lots of practice. They also carry on the alliance of folk music and social activism, breathing new life into songs of change from the past that still ring true in modern times.

old songs / bold harmony

Our virtual audience loved Windborne last winter, and we are so excited to experience them in person! Masterful singers and skilled song-leaders, they transform old songs into mind-blowing masterpieces of vocal harmony — and wry commentaries on things that change and yet stay the same.

a profound vocal experience

Lauren Breunig, Jeremy Carter-Gordon, Lynn Rowan and Will Rowan share a 20‑year background studying polyphonic music around the world. Their performances span continents and centuries, yet keep each song within its own context. Genuine passion for the music and for human community gives Windborne's shows a rare power.

Come sing with us!

Community Sing 4:30pm

Join Windborne for a Community Sing, where they'll teach some songs (with harmonies!) along with cultural context. Experienced and engaging workshop leaders, Windborne's singers start at the beginning and take partipants further than they expect.


Windborne has spent the pandemic working on their fourth album, Of Hard Times & Harmony, exploring themes of social consciousness. With singing in four languages, the album showcases the depth of emotion their voices can evoke, as well as the moments of hilarity and wit that audiences will recognize from live performances.

More about the Community Sing

Participants of ALL abilities are invited to join the four singers of Windborne for a singing session — and YES, that means singing together in four part harmony, using some of Windborne's signature arrangements. Learn some songs, improve your vocal technique, and savor the joy of singing with others. Not to be missed!

All songs will be taught by ear, and no experience is required — just enthusiasm and willingness to try new things. They'll teach songs from a variety of countries and cultures as well as songs of social struggle from movements past and present.

These experienced teachers and song-leaders educate as they entertain, telling stories about the music and explaining the characteristics and stylistic elements of the different traditions. This session is a great opportunity to connect with community, sing out, and gather inspiration and energy.

In addition to performing concerts worldwide, Windborne has taught workshops in schools, community centers, singing camps, and universities for the past decade. Experienced teachers and song-leaders, they delight groups young and old with enthusiastic, clear, and nuanced instruction and get folks singing together in no time!


Community Sing: 4:30 pm US Eastern Time

Concert: 7:30 pm US Eastern Time

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Fort Hunter Barn

5300 N Front St, Harrisburg, PA 17110

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