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Hands-On Folk Events

This season - SFMS Goes Online!

We can't gather for music and dance in person, but we can still enjoy live music. Susquehanna Folk Keeps the Music Coming with a variety of online events featuring both up-and-coming local musicians and internationally acclaimed touring acts. It's a whole new way of connecting with acoustic folk. Let us know how we're doing.

Sat, October 17 - Jay Ungar & Molly Mason

This season - SFMS Jams On Hiatus

This is a great time to sing in the shower, learn a new instrument, ask a musician you admire about Skype lessons... or to suggest to us a new way to play and sing together online! In-person jams will resume when it's safe to gather.

Sat, November 7 - Del Rey Concert & Workshop

Del Rey Concert & Workshop Online

West Coast blues guitar and ukulele queen Del Rey has a distinctive fingerpicking style that makes her solo instruments sound like a whole band. Her online concert on Nov 7 offers inspiration for a 2-part virtual workshop on fingerpicking the ukulele, the weekend after. Live-stream concert on Saturday, November 7. MORE