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November Jam Session

Sunday, November 10 1-4 pm at Fort Hunter Barn

About This Event:

Tuning up! Closeup of a man's hand tuning a mandolin

When it is safe to gather again, we will resume our monthly Jam Sessions. In the meantime, when you're playing at home, watching tutorials on YouTube, or singing with your family (or in the shower!), know that there's a whole community of folks doing the same thing. We're together in spirit!

If you have found a great way of sharing music virtually, would you share it with us? Whether it's a new platform or an offer to lead a regular online gathering, we'd love to hear about it.

Jams are on hiatus

We hope not for too long!


Contact Fred Heagy:
jams (at) sfmsfolk.org
or call (717) 839-7517,
or leave a message at (717) 745-6577.