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Board of Directors

The Susquehanna Folk Music Society's 13-member Board of Directors is made up entirely of volunteers serving three-year terms. Many Board members are musicians or folkdancers themselves, and all have a passionate interest in keeping the traditional arts alive. Many of them serve as Coordinators of interest areas within SFMS. Several other members have significant responsibilities as well, including our salaried Executive Director.

Individuals who are active in the folk community and interested in shaping Susquehanna Folk's future are encouraged to review the job description and contact our Nominating Committee.


Steve Wennberg - President

Karen Hostetter - Vice-President

Fred Heagy - Vice President

Kathy Fries - Treasurer

Zita Angelo

William Gulvin

Randy Heisley-Cato

Bruce Kolka

Mary-Grace Lee

Peter Winter Lee

Sara Willard Lee

Autumn Moore

Krista Myers

Devin Rice

Jim Richardson

Nancy Scherer

Eryn Spangler

Bradley E. Weirich


Jess Hayden - Executive Director

Bruce & Joan Kolka - Membership

Lauri Brandenburg - Graphics/Web

Nancy Wennberg - Newsletter