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Sat, February 4 - Winter Coffee House

Winter Coffee House Winter Coffee House Harrisburg
Susquehanna Folk Coffeehouses are intimate evenings showcasing Central Pennsylvania's fine amateur acoustic musicians, who play a wide variety of material for an attentive, music-loving audience. Our winter coffeehouse features lush harmonies from Big Sky Quartet, original songs from Matt Miskie, a John Prine tribute set from Mark Henkelman, and an eclectic mix of songs and instrumentals from Stu Miller. FREE Coffeehouse concert on Sat, Feb 4 at Fort Hunter Barn, Harrisburg. MORE

Sun, February 5 - February Open Mic Night

February Open Mic Night February Open Mic Night New Cumberland
Our new Open Mic Night is now monthly! On this first Sunday of February, spend the evening at the lovely West Shore Theatre in New Cumberland, enjoying some fine local music and maybe taking center stage yourself. For February, your host is Zach King. Be there at 6:15 to sign up to play! FREE Open Mic Night on Sunday, February 5 at the West Shore Theatre. MORE

Tue, February 7 - Writing an Apprenticeship Grant

Writing an Apprenticeship Grant Online
Learn how to apply for a grant from the PCA's "Apprenticeships in Folk and Traditional Arts" program. These grants support artists in teaching OR developing their artistic skills/repertoire. Presented by our Susquehanna Folk Arts Center. Live on Zoom on Tuesday, February 7. MORE

Sat, February 11 - Alash Ensemble

Alash Ensemble Harrisburg
Come with us on a magical musical journey to the southern edge of Siberia for an evening of Tuvan throat singing. For many folks, this concert is literally a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience this extraordinary musical tradition in person. Alash's performance will be enchanting and unforgettable. Sat, Feb 11 at the Unitarian Church of Harrisburg, Clover Lane Campus. MORE

Thu, February 16 - The Campbell Brothers at Kulkarni - 1/3 off!

The Campbell Brothers at Kulkarni - 1/3 off! The Campbell Brothers at Kulkarni - 1/3 off! Harrisburg
For a LIMITED TIME we're offering discounted tickets to an evening of evolutionary contemporary gospel music. Chuck and Phil Campbell are fathers of the "Sacred Steel" gospel tradition, and Chuck is a 2004 recipient of the National Heritage Award.
Harrisburg's own "Spiritual Messengers Warriors for God" will play an opening set of their own unique gospel music, then join the Campbell Brothers at the end to jam on some familiar gospel numbers. Reserve your seat by noon on February 10 for this performance on Thursday, Feb 16 at Penn State Harrisburg. MORE

Mon, February 20 - Fellow Pynins

Fellow Pynins Fellow Pynins Harrisburg
Contemporary folk duo with a keen and bucolic sense of vocal harmony and song craft, performing original music anchored in the balladry tradition. “Folk music with a hefty touch of whimsy,” says NPR's Bob Boilen. Cumberland Honey's Virginia Masland opens. MONDAY, Feb 20 at Fort Hunter. MORE
Alash Ensemble
Karan Casey
Maire Ni Chathasaigh & Chris Newman

Travel the World!

Book your passage now with Susquehanna Folk concert tickets, and travel from Asia to Appalachia and from Ireland to Baltimore. Concerts yet to be announced will add stops in the Pacific Northwest and Québec.

Among the nomadic peoples of central Asia, even a solo singer can create a richly-textured soundscape of bird-song and herd animals, bubbling streams and blowing wind. Three sophisticated Tuvan musicians with several thoroughly Tuvan instruments bring that wildness and their own modern sensibilities to our stage: don't miss Alash Ensemble on February 11.

Irish singer Karan Casey is an incomparable songwriter with a strong sense of social responsibility. Her new album “Nine Apples of Gold” touches on themes of family, loss, love, the empowerment of women and Irish revolutionary struggle. In 2018 she helped to found FairPlé, an organization aimed at achieving fairness and gender balance for female performers in Irish traditional and folk musics. She'll be in Harrisburg on March 8.

About Máire Ní Chathasaigh & Chris Newman, The Belfast Telegraph (Ireland) says: “This celebrated duo took the place by storm. Stately Carolan tunes, jazzy Django-ish numbers, dazzling Doc Watson style flat picking fliers, driving Irish dance tunes — this pair can nonchalantly do the lot. Guitar players applauded and went sadly home to burn their instruments!” Catch their workshop and concert on March 26.


For SFMS events, we follow CDC recommendations on the event date, adding any additional precautions required by the venue or the artist. Details on our COVID policy page.


Want to learn or teach woodcarving, old ballads, banjo playing or some other traditional folk art? Susquehanna Folk can help eager students or skilled masters apply for a grant from the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts (PCA).

The Spiritual Messengers perform in a church. The photo is taken from behind the band and shows two vocalists out front, drummer and bass behind them, and audience sitting and standing in the pews. Anthony Jackson (left) studies with Rev. Moses Jackson Two Black men sit across from one another at a narrow table, both studying with books.

Spiritual Messengers Warriors for God, members of our Folk Artists Gallery and recipients of a 2021 PCA Traditional Arts Apprenticeship award, will be performing evolutionary gospel with The Campbell Brothers at Penn State Harrisburg this month!

The board and staff of the Susquehanna Folk Music Society are committed to celebrating and affirming diverse cultures through programming which explores the music, dance, craft and stories of many people. We stand in complete solidarity with the Black community and all marginalized communities to speak out against injustice, bigotry and racial violence.