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Sun, June 9 - Spring Open Mic

Spring Open Mic New Cumberland
Join our Open Mic community at one of the most beautiful venues in the area, for an evening of live music and entertainment from fine local folkies. Come with your friends to enjoy the performances or maybe even take center stage yourself! Open Mic Night on Sunday, June 9 at West Shore Theatre. MORE

Sat, June 29 - Folk Artists Gathering

Folk Artists Gathering Folk Artists Gathering Hershey
The Susquehanna Folk Arts Center is hosting a get-together for people who practice or enjoy traditional arts. That term includes playing traditional music, singing in a church choir, making quilts or rugs or wood-carvings, cooking from grandma’s recipes, learning Balkan dances — the list is endless! Please join us for networking with other folk arts practitioners, or just to take a peek into the kaleidoscope of local traditional arts, on Saturday afternoon, June 29 at Hershey Public Library. MORE

Wed, July 10 - Using Social Media to Promote your Art

Using Social Media to Promote your Art Online
Online platforms offer a dizzying array of ways for artists to reach broader audiences. Local creatives Skye Leppo, Shane Speal and Bobbi Carmitchell will offer their experiences with using social media to promote their work as folk and traditional artists. Presented by our Susquehanna Folk Arts Center, this informative webinar will be held via Zoom on Wednesday, July 10. MORE

August 9-11 - Susquehanna Folk Festival

Susquehanna Folk Festival York
The Susquehanna Folk Festival returns on the second weekend of August with world-class performers and hands-on fun. Join us at the Appell Center in downtown York, PA for a full weekend of live music, dancing, jams, workshops and more. Details coming soon! MORE

FESTIVAL - Three Days of Live Music

Three Days of Live Music Three Days of Live Music York
The Susquehanna Folk Festival will be overflowing with all the live music you expect, with intimate shows in The Studio and world-class headliners in the gorgeous Capital Theatre.

We're pleased to announce our first few artists for this year's festival. So far the lineup includes fiddlers extraordinaire Natalie MacMaster & Donnell Leahy, the crazy-eclectic Hot Club of Cowtown, SFMS favorites Hubby Jenkins and Larry & Joe, and Friday night dancing with The Contra Rebels. Watch our website for lineup announcements, from local openers to headline performers.

FESTIVAL - Three Days of Dancing

Three Days of Dancing York
Rockin’ bands, dynamic callers, helpful instructors and good friends enliven the Susquehanna Folk Festival’s dance hall! Three days of workshops and dancing start with The Contra Rebels playing for our Friday Night Contra. Full schedule coming soon.
logo: 2024 Susquehanna Folk Festival

Congratulations to our 2024 Emerging Artist Showcase FINALISTS

We are pleased to introduce (clockwise starting at the top) Erin Lunsford, Red Smith & Blue Dawn, Joseph Alton Miller, The Honey Badgers, and Dann Pell. We are looking forward to seeing them in person!

Come out to the Susquehanna Folk Festival on Saturday afternoon, August 10 to see the showcase, and decide for yourself who's your favorite! The judges' top pick will perform on our Main Stage later that afternoon.

Contest finalists
Erin Lunsford Dann Pell Red Smith & Blue Dawn The Honey Badgers Joseph Alton Miller
Many thanks to our festival partners:
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The Sounds of Home

In this Folk Artist spotlight, we check in on one of our Folk Arts Apprenticeships. This one centers on the music of Nepal and Bhutan, two small countries in the Himalayas.

Tabla drums and a harmonium are being played by two Nepalese men sitting on a sisal rug in Khatmandu. Only the men’s hands are visible.
Playing tablas and harmonium in Khatmandu, Nepal: Wikimedia Commons

Bhagirath Khatiwada, a Nepali speaker, came to the US from Bhutan fifteen years ago. He is committed to preserving and sharing the culture, music and arts of his native land. Inspired by his son’s success with learning the tabla (hand drums), Bhagirath is learning to play the harmonium. He is apprenticed to master musician Muskan Balampaki Magar, who is originally from Nepal.

Bhagirath Khatiwada (left) and Muskan Balampaki Magar (right)

The worldwide population of Nepali speakers is small and shrinking. Keeping the beautiful Nepali culture alive, vigorous and self-sustaining is hugely important to both Bhagirath and Muskan. Music is a central part of their culture — that is, people engaging actively in making music as a community — and so music is at the center of their efforts. They dream of creating a school, a cultural center, not just for the Nepali-speaking community (some 25,000 near Harrisburg, 50,000 statewide) but with the larger community as well.

The board and staff of the Susquehanna Folk Music Society are committed to celebrating and affirming diverse cultures through programming which explores the music, dance, craft and stories of many people. We stand in complete solidarity with the Black community and all marginalized communities to speak out against injustice, bigotry and racial violence.
A montage of images illustrating Susquehanna Folk's commitment to diversity
Closeup of a Black woman’s hands stitching small hexagons of colored calico into a flower. In her lap is a clear bag holding several finished flowers.
Larry Bellorín, a stout Hispanic man, sits and plays a magenta harp, wearing a purple cowboy hat and purple calico shirt. His bandmate Joe Troop, a white man, stands behind the harp and plays a banjo.
Crys Matthews, a young Black woman, wears a crisp white button-down men’s shirt, black tie and black suspenders. She has her thumbs underneath the suspender straps, pulling them up off her shoulders. Her curly hair is long on top and cropped close at the sides.
A head-and-shoulders portrait of Sug Daniels.  She is a young black woman with a strong, direct gaze.  She has thick arched eyebrows, a broad nose with a stud on one side, very full lips, and medium-brown skin. She is wearing a black hat with a broad brim, tilted up, so all we see is a wide black disc behind her head. The photo is cropped so the edge of the hat almost doesn’t show. She also has a red bandanna wrapped around her head, with an inch or so showing beneath the hat brim.