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Upcoming Concerts

Sat, January 29 - Windborne

Windborne Harrisburg
“The most exciting vocal group in a generation”: Windborne combines bold and innovative harmonies, styles from around the world, and a vocal blend that comes from longtime friendship and lots of practice. They also carry on the alliance of folk music and social activism, breathing new life into songs of change from the past that still ring true in modern times. LIVE IN PERSON! Saturday, January 29 at Fort Hunter Barn, Harrisburg. MORE

Sun, February 20 - The Lonesome Ace Stringband

The Lonesome Ace Stringband Harrisburg
This old-time stringband with bluegrass chops plays some righteous folk and country music, with a sound that's like no other band. Their depth of groove and sense of space is uncommon in bluegrass; their instrumental interplay and vocal blend is uncommon in old-time. This will be an outstanding show. LIVE IN PERSON! Sun, February 20 at Fort Hunter Barn, Harrisburg. MORE

Sat, April 9 - The Honey Dewdrops

The Honey Dewdrops Harrisburg
Acoustic Americana with gorgeous vocal harmonies. Baltimore Magazine says, “their sincere, stripped-down songwriting is just the kind of music we need more of. This music is sweet to the ears, easy on the heart, and will stick in your mind for some time to come.” LIVE IN PERSON! Sat, April 9 at Fort Hunter Barn, Harrisburg. MORE

Wed, April 27 - Dom Flemons - FREE TO MEMBERS!

Dom Flemons - FREE TO MEMBERS! Harrisburg
With a repertoire that spans over a hundred years of early American popular music, Dom Flemons calls himself “The American Songster.” SFMS audiences have loved his stellar musicianship on multiple instruments, his personable stage presence, and the depth of knowledge he shares about the Black American experience through music. LIVE IN PERSON! Wed, April 27 at the WITF Public Media Center, Harrisburg. MORE
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Sat, May 7 - The Kennedys

The Kennedys Harrisburg
Folk duo Pete and Maura Kennedy blend country, bluegrass, Western swing and janglepop in a joyous musical mashup that stretches from New York's East Village to Austin, Texas. At well over a million miles of roadwork, and now over 100 pandemic-easing weekly livestreams, they show no signs of slowing down in any way. LIVE IN PERSON! Sat, May 7 at Fort Hunter Barn, Harrisburg. MORE