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2021 Susquehanna Folk Festival Old-Time Music Workshops

Four Sunday evenings in June Banjo and Fiddle
Interactive Workshops on Zoom with Janie Rothfield

About This Event:

Novice fiddle and banjo players, this series of workshops is for you! Seasoned teacher Janie Rothfield will teach you tunes, show you tricks, and share the fun of playing old-time music.

Novice fiddle and banjo players, this series of workshops is for you! Seasoned teacher Janie Rothfield will teach you tunes, show you tricks, and share the fun of playing old-time music.

These workshops are designed for novice or "low intermediate level" players — not complete beginners — who have basic skills on their instrument and want to improve their skills, add rhythm to their playing, learn some fun Appalachian style old-time tunes and songs, learn how to play in a jam and pick up a tune on the fly. No previous experience with old time music is required.

Questions? Contact Janie at info@janierothfield.com
or visit www.janierothfield.com

Clawhammer Banjo

6:30-7:45pm EDT This class is perfect for people who have a little (or hardly any) experience playing clawhammer banjo. Janie will teach the fundamental right hand clawhammer techniques such as bum-ditty, hammer on’s, pull off’s, slides, drop thumb and chords, and a variety of tunes and songs from the old time repertoire. You will need...

  • 5 string banjo (remove resonator if possible if you have a bluegrass style banjo)
  • capo, tuner, strap
  • VERY IMPORTANT: Long fingernails on the right hand pointer and middle fingers. Nail should go beyond the pad of the finger. Natural or stick-on nails (the square shape) work, or a plastic guitar fingerpick turned around.
  • notebook

Appalachian Fiddle

8-9:15pm EDT This class is for people who can play simple melodies at a moderate speed. This is NOT for complete beginners. Janie will teach you a variety of tunes from the old time / Appalachian style repertoire, focusing on different bowing rhythms and patterns, how to add speed to your playing and play chords for a tune or song, and express yourself on your fiddle! You will need...

  • Violin in good playing condition (newer string and rehaired bow are always good!)
  • rosin, tuner
  • notebook
Janie Rothfield demonstrates what she'll be teaching in the Appalachian Fiddle class...
...and in the Clawhammer Banjo class.

Give it a try!

Janie has been teaching fiddle and clawhammer banjo for over 30 years to students from around the world, of all ages and abilities! During that time, she has developed a unique, easy and proven “LEARN BY EAR” approach for teaching instrumental music that focuses on using good technique combined with musicality and the most important element, right hand bowing and clawhammer rhythms.

Throughout this series of classes, you will learn some fun old time tunes and songs, great techniques and tricks for playing “better” and how to internalize the melodies and rhythms of the music with singing and body movement. All of these playing techniques and strategies will help you get playing with tone, rhythm and speed, and have fun with music!


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Advance registration is required. Ticket info

June 6, 13, 20 & 27

  • Banjo 6:30 pm EDT
  • Fiddle 8:00 pm EDT
  • Suitable for adults and children 12+
  • Admission by donation:
    $15 suggested per session
  • Support the artist and SFMS a little more with a $20 donation per session
  • Workshops will be on Zoom
  • logo: closed captioned Closed-captioned
  • Recordings of the classes will be available
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A Folk Festival Event!

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