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FAQ for Virtual Events

Frequently Asked Questions for TicketSpice
Also see our Main Ticket Info page
or our FAQs for in-person events

When you purchase your ticket through TicketSpice, you'll receive a unique personal access code (e.g. 123-456-789) good for a single use on a single device.

How do I get into a virtual event?

The easiest way is the "Digital Pass" or "Access Online Event" button on the confirmation page or email. That will log you in automatically.

If you find yourself on a page asking for an access code, go back to your confirmation to find the code (e.g. 123-456-789). The "Lost your code?" link will help you if you remember the email used to buy your ticket.

The ticket-purchase page has an "Already registered?" link at the top that will take you to the access code page.

When do the "doors" open?

Usually we open the page 30-60 minutes before showtime. If we have a workshop and concert on the same day, the page opens for the workshop and closes after the concert.

Once I'm in... then what?

After you enter your access code, if doors are open, you'll see a link button to take you to the livestream, usually on YouTube or Zoom.

Our ticketed virtual shows are not available directly on our YouTube channel, and usually are not archived for later viewing.

What time zone is SFMS in?

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania is on U.S. Eastern Time, same as New York City. Please let us know if you're on an event page that isn't telling you that — we're still working toward including our time zone in our publicity. And, if you're new to SFMS, welcome!

Can I send a ticket to someone else?

Let's say you purchase two tickets so that you and an out-of-state friend can watch the show "together in spirit." Or, your spouse wants to cast the show to your smart television. The confirmation page offers buttons to send a purchased ticket link to any email address or phone number. Remember that each unique access code works only once on one device.

Well, hey, couldn't I...

Thinking about how you could help friends watch the show for free? Please consider that musicians work to make a living. If you wouldn't steal their guitar, don't steal their concert. Many of our events are admission-by-donation; even a small amount directly supports live music and live musicians. Thank you!

Question not yet answered?

Ask your question using our feedback form and we'll post the answer, and/or respond to you if you leave contact info. IN A HURRY? Email concerts@smfsfolk.org

How can SFMS improve?

We'd love to hear your feedback on the experience of buying tickets and attending virtual events. The "Ask your question" button above takes you to our feedback form.