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York County Oral History Project: Tales of a Musical Life

Interviews with York County residents who have a long-time involvement with music.

Walt Crider

Walt Crider at home with his guitar

Walt Crider is from Shippensburg, PA. When he was growing up in rural York County in the '50s, his family would make music on Saturday nights for entertainment. His father taught him a few chords on the guitar, and by his teens he was playing in bands. Walt has led an active musical life, and is a founding member of the Seven Mountains Bluegrass Association. He still finds time to jam with friends and to assemble pick-up bands at the drop of a hat. The end of the interview features Walt playing and singing!

About the Project

SFMS began the "Tales of a Musical Life" project in the fall of 2017 and continued collecting stories through the summer of 2018. Twenty-eight people, some professional musicians and some not, were interviewed and asked questions about how they first came to love music and how music had enriched their lives. What emerged is a fascinating collection of stories which shows the diversity of music that thrives in York County, including bluegrass, jazz, folk, classical, soul, and even cowboy music!

Four of the individuals interviewed — Cushla Srour, Wayne Morris, Joe Coria, and Jerry McCoury — shared their stories in front of a live audience during the inaugural Susquehanna Folk Festival in summer 2018. SFMS hopes to be able to provide further public forums to share these stories in the future.

SFMS is indebted to the students of Dr. Richard A. Pierce’s Adult Development and Aging class at Penn State York who conducted the interviews, and to the York County Community Foundation's Hahn Home Fund for Embracing Aging for helping to fund the project.