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Support Services

A roster of SFMS Members who are offering their talents to the public.

The Support Services category includes sound engineering, publicity, instrument sales and repair, and many other services.

Devon Sound

Devon Sound is a manufacturer's warranty service & repair center for many brands of string instruments and amplifiers. We offer setup and repair services for:

Contact Scott Graham at (610) 286-0205 or devonsound@dejazzd.com, or visit DevonSound.com

Tom & Betty Druckenmiller

Tom & Betty Druckenmiller, along with their friend Norm Williams, offer workshops and entertaining presentations on American old-time music, fiddle, banjo, guitar, vocals and harmony. For more details, see their entry under Musicians.

Contact Tom & Betty at bhdrux@gmail.com.

Beth Folkemer & Stephen Folkemer

Beth and Stephen Folkemer offer programs and workshops on a wide variety of topics including Songs from PA and WV (especially from the Samuel P. Bayard Collection); Scottish and Irish music; Civil War Era songs and tunes, hymns, carols, and thematic topics such as Jean Ritchie’s Songs, and more. They sing and play guitar, mountain dulcimer, concertina, piano, and organ, as well as writing and arranging music. Stephen is also a choral conductor and composer. They perform in Cormorant's Fancy, Dearest Home (see entries under Ensembles) and Schola Cantorum of Gettysburg. Also see their entry under Musicians.

Contact the Folkemers at beth.folkemer@gmail.com or sfolkemer@usl.edu or or (717) 253-1254 or (717) 253-4889

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Tom Jolin

Tom Jolin is an experienced instrument maker, specializing in hammered dulcimer, mountain dulcimer and bowed psaltery. He is a sought-after Pennsylvania Artist in Residence and spends extended times in various schools, assisting students with making their own school-owned instruments. See also Tom's entry under Musicians.

Contact Tom at (717) 642-8053 or (717) 398-1144 or jolin@pa.net

Karen Lee Miller Newman

Karen Lee Miller Newman (AKA KLMN-tine) is a multi-talented artist who enjoys working with all ages. She has recently been offering after-school art classes for parents and children at Landis House in Newport, PA and some all day camps at The Ned Smith Center for Nature and Art. Her art often uses recycled or found materials in a traditional-arts context, and ranges from percussion toys to pressed flowers to paper-folding. Karen Lee is also a performing musician.

Contact Karen Lee at (717) 362-3711